Friday, October 19, 2012

In My Bag : Canon 60D

Canon 60D

I finally made the plunge and purchased my next camera. The Canon 60D is not yet the ultimate dream camera for me, but it is a considerable step up from what I have been shooting with. It fits my need at the moment, until I can rack up some more cash for the 5D. Fresh out of the box, I am waiting on the battery to charge but already I see a huge difference.

I can't believe I have gotten away with shooting with a Rebel for this long. Really shows that fancy equipment doesn't automatically make for good pictures. Seriously, learn to work with what you have and don't buy a new camera until you know your old one inside and out. I still love my original baby, but Big Brother is officially in the house and ready to take over. I can't wait to learn all about it and take it on the Family Shoot I have this weekend!

Welcome, 60D, you have been well deserved.

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, looks nice! It's like early christmas :)
    People I know are always saying that oh you take so nice pictures, what camera you use? It kind makes me annoyed, as having a good camera doesn't automaticly mean good pictures.
    Specially as these people will then buy a super cool camera and use it in automatic mode forever ;)
    But you deserve this new camera, you take the prettiest photos because you know how to do it!