Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Do! The Invitations

Just 3 months to go until I become a Mrs. and that meant those invitations that I had designed a long time ago needed to somehow all get printed and mailed. Thankfully, we are having a smaller wedding and so we only had to get roughly 80 invitations out. Thanks to a simple design, two home printers and an amazing Maid of Honor, these babies were out within two days. Truthfully, we could've easily done it in 1 but after a while we got distracted with food and homemade wine. Our bad. They still went out exactly 3 months before the wedding. My German "on time-ness" came through once again!

Please excuse the iPhone photos, the thing is just so darn convenient!

I designed everything myself in Illustrator and then printed it all with the help of InDesign (and the fiance's expertise). All paper and envelopes are from Paper Source - love them - and our awesome return address stamp is from Note Trunk on etsy.

If you're now planning on crashing the party - just be aware there is no open bar, so bring cash and please don't eat all my food.


  1. These are very pretty invitations! Can't wait the actual wedding and see the photos of you two! Do you already have a wedding photographer? ;)

  2. Gorgeous! You did a great job...love the yellow! :)